Синдикална организација АД ЕЛЕМ - Синдикална подружница РЕК Битола

1 Дигитализација во секторот на металургијата IMS

A round table within the framework of the project IMS, was held in Krakow on November 7th. It was attended by 20 participants (9 males, 11 females) representatives of all project partners from Bulgaria, Portugal, Montenegro, Poland, North of Macedonia and Romania. The participants were presented with a handbook Manual and Action Plan that was prepared on the basis of national reports, case studies, conclusions from the international workshop, consultations among partners, previous analyses in this area and available literature of industry 4.0 on the workforce.
There are numerous positive effects of the introduction of automation and digitization - better productivity, easier handling of heavy machines, better safety at work, cleaner jobs, reduced number of errors and scraps and greater competitiveness. The risks were also pointed out – de-professionalization, increased monitoring, social exclusion, as well as the lack of qualified labor force, and the increasing pressure that employees in this sector feel - increased demands and enormous responsibility. Working hours, new skills and overcoming the gap between older more experienced workers and younger workers who have digital skills, new forms of employment, health and safety at work, energy efficiency and environmental protection are certainly issues for a new agenda and new solutions.
It was concluded that the exchange of information, examples of good practices, and the practice of exercising rights and the inclusion of new issues in the social dialogue agenda are very important. Therefore, European and regional projects are an introduction to different situations in EU member countries and candidate countries for membership, and support in the daily work of social partners.
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